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There are tons of recipes on the internet for 1-minute brownies or cakes and some work, others just turn out terribly.  I don’t eat eggs and since most of the recipes call for them, it limits me to what recipe will work.  I began experimenting on my own to find a recipe that worked perfectly for individuals with food allergies or vegan diets and came up with a healthy version that can come out to around 100 calories (depending on extras add-ins). I love having one of these after a stressful day or when I have a chocolate.  This easily doubles as well!



4 TBSP flour (I use whole wheat, but spelt and almond are good too!)

2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder

1-2 TBSP sugar (or a pinch, depends on your sweet tooth)

Pinch of salt

2 TBSP applesauce

2-3 TBSP almond, soy or cows milk (3 is usually the best guess)

Optional: peanut butter chips, chocolate chips



1-Mix dry, then wet and put it in a coffee mug.

2-Place in microwave for 1-1 minute 30 seconds and allow to cool before eating

3-Top with peanut butter or ice cream for extra sweetness if desired.


Endless Ocean: Dive, Discover, Dream

On a side note, I completed my third game this year.  I beat Endless Ocean last night.  I still have treasures, the pirates ship and more fish to find, but for now I’m putting it back on the shelf.  It’s a really great game and the perfect pick up and play for a few minutes game.


If there were another word for an extreme shift in things other than bipolar, that would describe Virginia’s current state of mind.  Yesterday it was freezing, the skies were gray and snow began to fall for a solid 3-4 hours.  Enough to let out schools and then…it stopped, melted and turned to rain.  Waking up this morning we saw clear, beautiful blue skies without a single white fluffy cloud.  Oh, and its 50-something degrees.  I would LIKE strawberries this year…but they never died from this winter.

Lack of cold weather aside, I was craving chili.  I’ve never been a soup or chili kind of girl until this winter when I fell in love with chili.  I always found it too plain (like salads most of the time) and growing up chili was equated with hotdogs in my family, something I tended to not enjoy eating.  A while back I stumbled across a sweet potato chili recipe.  I love sweet potatoes and something spicy with plenty of veggies seemed just right!  So, into the pot went veggies and spices;


Sweet Potato Chili

6-8 servings

-2 sweet potatoes (small or medium)

-1/2 large onion or 1 medium onion

-1/3 cup chopped mushrooms

-1 large carrot

-2 Cans of beans (Black bean and kidney or pinto)

-1 Can diced tomato

-1.5 TSP each of Cumin

-1.5 TSP Chili powder

1/4 tsp tumeric (added kick)

-1 TSP salt

-1 Cup of water or broth

-Olive Oil



1)  Chop all veggies (sweet potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and onions).  Start by pouring 1 TBSP of olive oil in the bottom of a large sauce pan.  Set heat to medium-high and add onions, mushrooms and carrots.  Allow to sizzle 3 minutes

2) Add sweet potatoes and diced tomatoes (pour in juice as well!)  If you have tomato paste, it can be added for extra thickness.  Next, combine beans and add Cup of water.  Depending on desired thickness, you may want to add an extra half cup.

3) Add spices and bring to a boil.  Once it boils, lower the heat and allow it to cook for 15-20 minutes or until potatoes are soft and tender.

4)  Feast!  This chili is perfect with crackers 🙂



I’m off to read to my adopted niece later.  We’re reading either “The Rose Horse” or “The Three Orphaned Kittens”.  In the meantime, I have an outline to write on The Importance of Childrens Literature written before 1950.  I also need to tackle some human geography homework at some point!


Do you like chili or soup?