I was doomed to be a nerd.  When I was four years old, my mom, aunt and great aunt went on a sking trip at the local resort.  Naturally I wanted to come, but being four years old  (and they wanting a girls trip) didn’t take me.  I took it like a trooper and my mom brought me back this gray brick, or the original gameboy with Dr. Mario.  I fell in love with it and from there on out I was hooked.  As a kid my parents rented me a genesis or Super nintendo every weekend until I was 8 and they bought me one.  I progressed through and my love of knowledge grew with me.  In high school and college I got into a lot of ‘nerdy’ hobbies thanks to friends such as Magic the Gathering, anime and manga.  Oh and I’m the biggest bookworm 😉


Now that I haven’t completely scared you off, while my hobbies may be a little nerdy, I am also someone who finds interest in everything (except economics and politics, bleh).  Health is another thing I hold dear and always have (I was the kid who at 8 complained about there not being enough fruits or veggies in the fridge or veggies on my pizza).  It’s not just about eating or excercising to me, but also mental health and spiritual health as well.  I do love to be active and love things like dancing, yoga, walks, hikes and rollerblading. I am a pescatarian who abstains from eggs and any dairy however.  I am also very involved in my church and in helping out several causes.


Currently I’m taking prep classes for graduate school in the Fall.  I will be pursuing my Masters degree in Library Science.  I love school and cannot leave, so I’ll probably end up as an even nerdier librarian who ends up with 3 masters degrees and a PH.D 😉  I graduated with my B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences, but studied to be an elementary teacher and currently I am endorsed and certified in the state of Virginia.  My minor was in history 🙂  Currently I work as a substitute teacher, side jobs for the newspaper and work parttime at an ice cream shop.

  • I have an obsession with snowmen and gingerbread men fueled by my mom
  • I cannot stand mint, peppermint, red velvet anything or spaghetti-0s, they’re vile.
  • While I don’t like to watch sports, I love to play them and in college played intramural kickball and soccer.
  • I love coffee and conversations.  Ask me to get coffee and I will happily meet you anywhere
  • I am very passionate about Special Education and work regularly as a special education aide/teacher substitute


Above all, family, friends and the people around me are most important.  I’m continually amazed by the people in my life ❤


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