I’m a goal oriented person and every year I make a list of things I would like to do in a year.  I made 25 this year and I’ll be keeping track of my progress on here.  I’ll post an update in my blog as I cross things off and keep a monthly track record of my progress.


1-Volunteer at 15 different places/different causes

  •  Mac and Cheese off ($328+ raised for Love Packs)
  • Donated 3 boxes granola bars to homeless shelter
  • Love146 (Febuary)
  • Heifer International (March)
  •  Prison Ministry (March, April)
  • 5K to buy nets to prevent Malaria (March)
  • Share the Love lunch (April)
  • Library volunteer (April-???)
  • Shiny Shed donations and coordinator

2- Beat 20 Video Game

-2/20/12-Persona 3

-2/30/12-Kirby’s Adventure

-6/11/12-Endless Ocean


3-Take Two new fitness classes

4-Read 100 books in Category Challenge;

  • January-11 books
  • Febuary-4 books
  • March-10 books
  • April-4 books
  • May-5 books

Total: 36


5-Earn $500 online-

January earnings-$10 (plus tons of freebies)






6-Take GRE or MAT-scheduled to take in Febuary

7-Travel to two states I’ve never been to before

8-Get a fulltime job-I work part-time jobs to add up to fulltime, but still…

9-Try 101 new recipes

January-Blueberry buckle, sweet potato chili


May-Mocha cupcakes with buttercream frosting

June-Blueberry coffee cake


10-See 75 movies I’ve never seen before

-Seen 27

11-Plan ahead better


  • · Sell $200+ worth of things ($74
  • · Figure out something to do with Beanie Babies
  • · Get rid of unwanted Books
  • · Diminish manga books by at least 1/3
  • · Organize/Go through Clothes in Spring

13-Go to a convention

14. Invest in more fashion wear and expand styles

Gray slacks, tan slacks, sweaters, nice bronze shirt

15-Make 10 Craft projects

16-Build a bear at Build-a-Bear-My mom and I already have a planned trip to Build a Bear 😉

17-Make at least one type of Jelly-I have a strawberry patch, grape vines, raspberry bushes, woo!  If I get really lazy, I could make dandelion jelly.

18-Fill Bear Bank completely and take to bank

19-Put one check a month from part-time job into savings account



20-Read all books on backlog book shelf

22-See all the Star Wars movies

23-Use more coupons

24-Keep budget

25-Plan more gathering with family and friends-board game nights, dinner nights, movie nights etc.


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