I’ve neglected this blog for like a month now.  I started a new job over a month ago and its a 40 minute commute to and fro.  So by the time I get home around 5 or 6, I’m tired and just want to unwind, maybe go out with a friend for dinner or just curl up with a good book.  Writing at night is isolated to the hours of 9pm or later, when I’m ready for bed.  I adore my job and I’m slowly finding the balance between work and still doing other things.  Responsibilities, what a concept.


Kiss and Blog

Onto nerdier news.  I’m still working through my 100 books in a year goal.  I posted my July update and finished another book today bringing my total books read to 54.  Can I read 46 books in 4 months while working a fulltime job and staying busy with other stuff?  Of course I can, I work well under pressure 🙂



Since I’ve been off, I’ve had more time for gaming in the past two weeks and some after school.  I was adamantly playing Wario Woods and even got up to level 70.  Then I spent around 10-15 hours trying to get to level 75.  It’s been filed away for another day and I decided to navigate my way through Final Fantasy II.

Around this time last year I picked up and quickly made my way through FF2.  I ended up getting stuck in Deist cave and gave up.  I made my way through it the other night and now my party is really overpowered.  My party all has their HP between 3700-4200 and even the hard bosses are going down within two turns.


Final Fantasy 2′s leveling system has gaundered mixed opinions, but personally I love it.  I’m over halfway (maybe 3/4ths) of the way through Final Fantasy II and its been a really fun old school RPG.  It’s not my favorite game in the RPG (not in the top 5), but its still a solid RPG that should be played if only for its quirky leveling up system.  I think the leveling up system in Final Fantasy 2 is actually one of my favorites in any RPG-it took a risk in the early days of RPG’s and it works.



Other Nerd Blurbs

  • I went to a casual play Magic the Gathering night earlier this week.  I had built a red and green deck with burn spells on the fly and I was surprised at how well it did.  Now I’m working on a slivers deck.

  • I went back and reread an old manga series I loved when I was a teenager called Kare First Love.  Reading it as an adult, I realize its not as good as I remember.  In fact, its nothing special…

  • I ran by a local thrift store last weekend and while I was in the book section, happened to look up at the CDs to find Final Fantasy VII.  After looking closer, I realized there were several RPG’s!  I ended up walking away with the games above for only $15!


Healthy Nerd?

Oh…right the other part of this blog.  Lets see, I exercise regularly, eat lots of fruits and veggies and surprisingly haven’t turned into a peach.  Really, I’m eating them way too much if that’s possible.