Every week I try to do one of these.  All but one week in the last 3 months I’ve failed.  I got my act together today and managed to get a snapshot of everthing I ate for WIAW.  Without further ado, my life today in foods and other quirks;


Breakfast: 7:50am


I’ve been out of coffee grounds for the last month, but I’ve had coffee every morning.  Why?  Because the Sheetz down the road from me is giving away free coffee, soda and slurpees.  I go there once a day for a large coffee that will last me all day.  I went out this morning, filled my tank and grabbed a large coffee. I came back and had a banana with almond butter (Justins!) with my last blueberry bliss bar.  During breakfast I got an interview call.


Lunch: 12:20pm


Homemade Vegetarian chili with stoneground crackers and half an apple.  I’m going to be sad when I’m out of chili, but its lasted a week with daily consumption.


Snack: 2:00pm

Unpictured chocolate covered espresso beans for an afternoon boost!  I ended up getting a second job interview too.  Wow, four in the last week!  Too bad only one was a school related job I applied for.


 Dinner 7Pm

004    005

Salmon and spinach crackers.  For dessert I had my last frozen cinnamon roll.  I also had tons of coffee and worked on a new craft.  I’ll show pictures when you can actually tell what it’s going to be 🙂