fed up with lunch Fed Up with Lunchs Mrs. Q Reveals Her Identity

I had a nightmare.  A nightmare that involved…eating school lunches.  Oh the horror;


Having read books like Fed Up With School Lunches, I have become more assured that I would rather go all day without eating that touch the pink slime, multiple ingredient, what is this garbage they feed to kids and paying adults.  I still recoil in remembrance of one particular meal in which the kids got what I thought was watermelon from the squishy pink color.  It was baked apple.


That being said, throughout student teaching and my career now as a substitute teacher, I have always packed a lunch to eat.  Since I only eat fish and don’t do dairy, eggs or honey, lunches can sometimes be an interesting predicament when I’m planning meals.  Here’s a couple of lunch ideas that are healthy and will keep you going from lunch time and beyond.


Main Course/Whole Meal


Peanut Butter and Jelly on Whole Wheat or Multigrain bread


Tofu Salsa Scramble (Add mushrooms!)

Sweet Potato Chili

Picture 656


Picture 696

Veggie Burgers

Burritos and Falafel wraps


Tuna or salmon fish sandwich with spinach

Picture 689

Hummus, sprouts and veggie sandwiches



Carrots with Hummus, ranch dressing

Crackers (Back to Nature)

Apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries (any fruit)

Brown Rice chips (love riceworks!)

Steamed Veggies (I LOVE birdseye)


Pistachios or other nuts

Yogurt (Stoneyfield is my favorite!)


Seaweed Snacks


Keep in mind you want to eat the right amount to keep you going during the afternoon crash before you have a snack!  Processed foods and sweets will make you crash and sluggish, so keep in mind that you want to fuel your body 🙂  A balanced meal includes;

  • Protein! (Nut butter, tofu, nuts or seeds, tempeh, hummus, beans)
  • 1-2+ servings of veggies and/or fruit
  • Balance of fat, protein and carbs
  • Wholegrains
  • Avoid sugar, processed foods and too much soda


A typical week in lunches at school for me might look like;

Monday: Veggie burger on spinach, rice chips (salsa or garden)

Tuesday: Bean burrito filled with your hearts desire insides.  (Food for Life wraps!)

Wednesday: Tofu scramble with toast topped with peanut/almond butter and banana

Thursday: Veggie Sandwich with chips on the side or an apple

Friday: Salmon or Tuna Sandiwch with spinach.  Steamed veggies on the side.


And of course, leftovers from dinner are always great 🙂


Do you pack your own lunch?