At seemingly long last, the weekend is here.  I enjoyed Saturdays as a kid because it meant cartoons, shopping trips with my grandmother, time with friends and video games.  Now after having a full week at work and tons of meetings and what not, I’m ready to have me time to rec cop.  Tommorrow I have church and afterwards I’m volunteering for “Rise and Shine”.   I plan on utilizing my day with the following;


  • Cover Letter for amazing job being offered ❤ X10
  • Working on Education notebook
  • Making Mocha Cupcakes
  • Grocery shopping-taters, baking stuff, almond milk
  • Finish my list of summer goals
  • Birthday Present/card for best guy friend
  • Video Gaming-I really need to meet a new game in the near future
  • Cleaning-bathroom and vacuuming
  • Working out/walking/yoga


The older I get the more nostalgic I feel about my childhood and teenage years.  I miss sleepovers with friends, playing tons of video games, yard sailing with my grandmother, not having to pay bills, watching good cartoons on Saturday mornings and the list goes on.  I have an unquenchable desire to replay Final Fantasy VII and it will happen at some point.  I just need to beat these other games I’ve started first.

Toonami- Dragon Ball Z, Big O, Tenchi old schools shows were the shit

On a side note, for those of us who grew up with Toonami, its coming back!!!  Growing up, I remember doing my homework while watching Toonami in the afternoons after school and before dinner.  Too bad I don’t have cable anymore (nor have in 5 years).