I’ve been addicted playing Pottermore consistently for the past three weeks. I’m also in an ongoing battle to have the most points with a certain Ravenclaw…but that’s besides the point. Pottermore is a long-waited point and click adventure for fans of the Harry Potter world.  Not only does it go through the first book and everything fans know, but the creator J.K. Rowling was behind this entire project.  Needless to say there’s a ton of new information for fans including the backstory of Minerva McGonagall.

Pottermore is still in its beta release and only the first book has been issued to the public (why is the second book taking so long anyways?)  It’s a good game and has a fair amount to do, but speaking personally, I wish there was more to do in Pottermore.  This list may be too late for the second book to be considered, by by the third book at the latest, here are eight things I hope to see in Pottermore;


1) Part-time jobs/Ways to earn money

Maybe I’m biased…but having blown up ten cauldrons, I’m running short on money AND because I’m always brewing potions.  Having additional ways to earn money would also mean more money to buy things from Diagon ally.


2) RPG attributes


It would be great to see attributes for each character just to make Pottermore go one step further.  It could be simply magic, attack, defense, wisdom etc and we could level up like in RPG games.  It would make the duels and competition between houses a bit more interesting.


3) Character customization

Character Customization

Pottermore is done through a 1st person point of view, but it would be nice to give your character an appearance (rather than an icon of their animal).  Granted the characters in Pottermore would be wearing cloaks, so the clothing option might be out, it would be a nice feature to be able to customize a characters hair color & style, eye color, height, shape etc.


4) Quidditch


In Pottermore, the only things to really do after finishing the first book are to duel friends and brew potions.  A friend suggested that adding Quidditch games would make it more fun after fans have already went through the book and found items.  Not sure how it would look, but fans have been waiting for a game to play the #1 sport in Wizard world.


5) Character Control

What if Pottermore’s world was interactive like hobo hotel, or most MMO’s on the market?  It’d be fun and players could interact with one another.  Sure the quality of graphics would be lost, but players would feel like that had more control over the game.  It would cease to be just a point and click adventure and would become a tangible world that players felt connected to.  Speaking of character control…


6) Increased interaction with friends and other players

There has been more than one instance where I have wished I could write on a friends board.  I can understand the fear of players saying something crude, but there are ways to censor these things.  It could be as simple as giving players a wall, the ability to send messages to other players (or even making it friends only).  I feel cut off from my friends in Pottermore with the exception of being able to send items and have duels against players/friends in houses other than your own. I want to be connected.


7) More items to collect and buy…and trade!

I have a not so fond relationship with the point and click collection option Pottermore has.  Since there are lots of open slots throughout the game, fans know that lots of new items, spells, books etc will be coming there way.  But, what if we could trade items or had other ways of getting items aside from clicking?  Maybe collecting them through minigames?


8) Achievements

I am an A-type personality in that I love setting goals and creating lists.  Being able to cross off things ranks high on my list of things I enjoy.  Due to the surplus of games now (and websites!) that offer achievements, adding it into Pottermore could entice more members to do more (provided more is added).  There could be an achievement for winning 100 duels…then 1000…then 10,000 or having more than 20 friends.  The list goes on.  It’d be the perfect fit for A-type personalities in the Pottermore world.


There you have it.  My personal list of 8 things I’d like to see in the next book or eventually in the Pottermore universe.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain ravenclaw to out-duel.