A common trait among more serious gamers are games that have been started, but not completed.  I am guilty of this trait and looking through my collection earlier, while debating a game to play due to insomina, just how many of my 150+ games I have started, but have yet to beat.  I am currently playing Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep off and on, but its the games I have started and stopped for one reason or another that fit the bill.  For the sake of sanity, I’m not including gameboy (or color), NES or SNES games.



Patapon-I’m on mission to find a door and got fustrated trying to find it so I put it down.  I orginally picked it up while procrastinating on some homework at the time too.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep-I’m currently playing this actually.  I’m on Ventus’ story meaning the last one.

Final Fantasy II-I got stuck in one of the dungeons over the summer and youtube did not help me get out of it.  Therefore, its on the back burner.

Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl-I might as well restart this one if I want to get married or have a good ending.



Elite Beat AgentsIt really stinks when you cannot beat the last level of a game.

Final Fantasy III-my first DS title and I put it down intially because I got stuck in a cave where I had to turn into a frog.

Magical Starsign-I am in the process of finding my last friend (or already did).  This is a really fun title but one of the infamous “got really into it and then had to put it down”.



Animal Crossing-I feel like the debt I owe to Tom Nook is like my student loans.  I put in what I think is a good amount, only to see it didn’t make the dent I hoped.  So I continue paying in money and see the number only slowly go down before I put the game way.  I equate this in real life to deferring loans (and still paying mind you) by taking classes.



Endless Ocean-Its a calm game and I really enjoy it.  It’s just not a high priority game so much as a random mood and an hour of gameplay here and there game.

Super Smash Bros Brawl-I was so excited when it was first released that I drove 30 miles to buy it.  I beat the main story and just never got around to finishing it.


Playstation 2

.hack//quaratine-I need to get the Q disc/lock/whatever in order to get to the next dungeon.  An hour of searching for such means it gets put down for a while.

Persona 4-Currently playing through it.  I just saved one person and now I’m off to save a future team member 😉

Shadow of the Colossus-I was making good progress when I first picked this  up…but then my controller died when I was fighting the electric eel shadow.  Needless to say I haven’t picked it up since then.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves-I’d been wanting to play Sly 3 for a while and when my computer broke I gave it a good play.  I’m on chapter 2 I believe and I’ve broken into a mansion to get a code.  I got really busy with work after that and never had time for the next 2-3 weeks to play games.



Final Fantasy IV-I’m stuck on the moon and couldn’t figure out where to go to/got lost and put it down to play another game.  It’s been 3-4 years since then.  I’m actually planning on buying the Final Fantasy IV collection for the PSP so that I’ll have the expansion and game all in one go.

Final Fantasy V-I was wandering through a library adn then got into a cave with these giant wide-eyed squirrels.  Since I remember telling a friend about this fact in high school, I realize I haven’t picked it up in six years.  Ouch.

Final Fantasy VI-I don’t remember the exact part I am in, though a recent memory says it was after fighting the pocessed train.

The Legend of Dragoon-I just met the blue-haried girl (forget her name) and I’m heading somewhere in a town…I just remember getting lost trying to go to where I needed to be.


That’s all the games I have on my “played but not beaten” shelf.  I do need to make it a goal to beat all these games before I start on another title.  Luckily unless a new Pokemon game comes out I should be pretty safe.  There’s just something about Pokemon games that make me drop every other game.  I used to be the same way with Kingdom Hearts and some other RPG’s, but I fell out of that rhythm.